We are passionate about giving you support, before you are at your most vulnerable

From mortgages to lifestyle protection, Andrews Financial can help

When you become a client of ours, we have a duty of care to safeguard your welfare.

What could be worse than paying for something only to find out when you need it, that you can’t make a claim because you’re not actually protected for what you needed to be!?

As professionals, we have the knowledge and understanding of the market to make it easier to identify the best solutions available to meet your priorities.

We use a select panel of providers that recognise your needs and we are prepared to recommend as they have a philosophy of looking to pay out on claims wherever possible.

Lifestyle Essentials

If you were to become unable to work due to an accident, sickness, disability or to suffer from; cancer, stroke, heart attack etc or death, how long would you or your loved ones be able to cope?

With our expertise we can help find the right solution, so that you feel at ease knowing you are equipped for unfortunate events in life’s journey.

Giving you the power to feel reassured through life’s journey

Buildings and Contents

Whether you occupy your own home, or a landlord, discuss your requirements with us and we will review our bespoke panel of providers to give you a comprehensive, tailored solution which will be accepted by your mortgage provider.

Whatever your needs, we are able to help!